Pamela Buell, Change Management Lead for the Supply Chain Operating Model, International Paper

Tim Rice, co-owner of People & Performance Solutions, is an excellent consultant with extensive experience. People & Performance Solutions and Tim have provided counsel into defining, developing and executing strategic organizational change within the scope of our project. We worked closely with People & Performance Solutions on organizational structure, work processes and job design. Throughout this process they have helped with the development of the change management strategy to achieve the desired result. I highly recommend Tim Rice and People & Performance Solutions. Their organization has the ability to work with all levels of an organization on leadership, structure, processes and people performance.

Lori Dixon, Supply Chain - Change Management Integration Leader, International Paper

I've worked with many consultant partners over the past years on various corporate initiatives. Without a doubt, Tim Rice is the most professional consultant I've ever worked with. I consider Tim a mentor in a lot of ways as he provided guidance to me when I joined the supply chain initiative at International Paper. What I learned from him has proved to be invaluable as I moved into my current role. If you are looking for a partner to offer long term people solutions in the areas of change management, organization design and executive engagement - Tim is definitely the person you want to join your team.

Note: International Paper contracted with People & Performance Solutions in 2004, and has contracted People & Performance Solutions more than once over the last 7 years.

Greg Robinette, ERP Business Transformation Manager, NJVC

I had the pleasure of working with Dennis Dawson, co-owner of People & Performance Solutions, during several periods. Dennis was instrumental in aligning an off track ERP project by providing business processes revisions. This was executed during a difficult period in the overall project. After the main implementation, Dennis’s value as a leader and facilitator of process mapping, documentation, and revision was recognized. This led to a further engagement for a larger scope of process revisions and helping establish enterprise wide process governance. I highly recommend Dennis Dawson and would welcome on any team in the future.

Lorrie Haiar, Organizational Readiness Team Lead Manpower Inc.

People & Performance Solutions was hired by Manpower to help our project team lead a company-wide Organizational Readiness strategy in rolling out a new web-based order entry solution. Tim Rice, from People & Performance Solutions brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise not only to our team, but to the entire company. I myself was the internal Organizational Readiness Team Lead and viewed Tim as a personal mentor. His work ethic was outstanding, not only was he knowledgeable and brought forth multiple strategies that were implemented, but he was thorough, timely, responsive and highly respected at Manpower.  People & Performance Solutions were a true key to the success in rolling out the OR strategy for this project as well as ensuring the sustainability in making certain everything was in place once we were ready to transition everything off to the various stakeholder teams. And on top of Tim's breadth of knowledge and value, he truly has an extraordinary personality and was wonderful to work with. I highly recommend People & Performance Solutions and personally hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.

Linda K. Pelej, Vice President Information Services for Manpower Inc.
I sincerely wanted to thank People & Performance Solutions for their contributions to Manpower on our VMS program development, deployment and change management. Your process groundwork allowed the program to move into high gear during the forth quarter and we will have double digit customers by the end of 2005. The change plans continue to be the beacon to sustain our progress.

Kathy Greco, Director Vendor Operations for Manpower Inc.
Over the past one and a half years, People & Peformance Solutions has provided not only excellent guidance but offered many new suggestions that have proven to be major benefits to my organization as well as to Manpower as a whole. Their experience and advanced knowledge in change management, process improvement and organizational structure is fantastic.

As we make changes and adjustments to meet the needs of our customers and as we grow as an organization it is so important to handle each change and growth experience effectively.  My team has not only learned a lot from People & Performance Solutions but now we have a better understanding of how to approach new developments in the future.  People & Performance Solutions have not only provided us with the tools but the ability to utilize those tools effectively.

Thomas Sanders, Manger of Interactive Marketing for Manpower Inc.

People & Performance Solutions demonstrate an exceptional understanding of our company and our project needs. They align the right resources and immerse themselves into our business, creating actionable work plans that account for every detail and adhere to project time-lines.

Note: Manpower, Inc. contracted with People & Performance Solutions in 2005, and has contracted People & Performance Solutions more than once over the last 6 years.

Thomas Freytag, Owner of Geneva
Tim Rice, co-owner of People & Performance Solutions, is a well organized and creative problem solver. I worked with Tim over several years as he provided thoughtful insight on how to manage the growth of my company. I found his advice and skills invaluable as we managed this transformation process. Tim has extraordinary attributes that he brings to the table.”

Mary McDonnell, CEO of Geneva Trading

People & Performance Solutions has facilitated us through the development of our strategy to make improvements to and expand our current business model.  They have brought a structured method to help us think through these critical business decisions and put together a plan to implement our new strategy.  People & Performance Solutions has been extremely supportive and I would highly recommend their services to another company who has similar needs as Geneva Trading.

Note: Geneva Trading hired Tim Rice as a Business Consultant in 2005, and has contracted People & Performance Solutions more than once over the last 6 years.

Carol Smith, Executive Director Change Management  for Merck

On behalf of the Change Management Team, I want to thank People & Performance Solutions for guiding us through the initial Change Management deliverables, including Preparation Kick-off, Communications Planning, Stakeholder Identification, Project Planning, and Change Management Strategy Development.  People & Performance Solutions has been an excellent partner - flexible, knowledgeable and practical.  Their ERP change management implementation experience and knowledge are both broad and deep.  Their ability to quickly think through a problem and quickly turn around deliverables has earned them deep respect from the Team.

Ron Alcala, Business Consultant, Bell South

I’ve hired and worked with several consultants from “world-class” firms over the years and Tim Rice, co-owner of People & Performance Solutions, is on my very short list of truly knowledgeable, personable, and effective resources with whom I am very willing to work again in the future. During our initial consultation, Tim validated his understanding of the business need and asked thought provoking questions which helped us further define the scope of work, expected outcomes, and potential challenges for the project. Tim was able to immediately devise a high-level strategy and plan to help us accomplish the work. He was an effective program manager and hands-on strategist who provided excellent coaching throughout the project lifecycle. Tim was honest and up front regarding his areas of expertise and where we would need to work together to develop the most effective approach and solution. Because of this honesty, Tim gained not only my trust, but the trust of my team and the rest of the business with whom he interacted. He is genuine in his actions and takes great pride in seeing the client succeed!

John Farrell, Partner of IBM Business Consulting Services 

I retained the services of People & Performance Solutions to develop a business transformation change management strategy for a global pharmaceutical company.  I chose to engage People & Performance Solutions based upon our previous collaborations in which they displayed an unparalleled depth of knowledge, ability to cultivate strong client relationships, think strategically and develop comprehensive work products.  I was confident that if I hired People & Performance Solutions I would not have to worry about the change management aspect of the strategy being completed on time and within budget.  They did not disappoint.  I would not hesitate to retain their services again in the future.


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